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Devoted father of 2 elementary aged Schoolkids Photography student since 1978 (I'm not sure if I should tell everyone that!) Computer Geek since Windows 3.1 with various certifications from Microsoft etc. Read a lot more on my very first posting at:

Laurel & Andrew’s Majestic Metro Wedding

Majestic Metro Wedding This is my first experience photographing a wedding at the historic Majestic Metro Theatre.  A lot of couples are looking for something different. Well this couple is unique and used this historic and beautiful venue to celebrate their wedding! In a week or two we’ll have the wedding photography available here for […]

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Charlotte & Adam’s Ella’s Garden Wedding Photography

Tomball Ladies So this Ella must have been quite a lady. I remember that Tomball Hospital (Ella’s Garden is in Tomball Texas), has a tree named Ella’s Tree as well. Today Charlotte Lawrence is a lady of the day! She will become Charlotte Cantu. Hmmm, perhaps I’m being presumptuous but that’s probably the case. Anyway, […]

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Baby Shower

Thanks: Regina, Kim, Pam, Michelle & Janice for all your Love & Effort ! Wanna Download Images? (Free) Visit the Image Ordering Page

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Kristen & Kadel’s Spring Chateau Wedding Photography

Kristen & Kadel will be got married on April 27th at the Spring Chateau.  Enjoy their Wedding Album Pages! Viewing & Ordering page.

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Amanda & Josh’s Le Jardin Wedding Photography

It’s coming up in April and they’ve selected the beautiful Le Jardin for the reception.  We have Amanda & Josh’s Engagement Portraits ready for you to view at their Viewing & Ordering website. If you still need to get a gift for them and are wondering what to get, why not help them with their […]

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Amy & Jarrett Get Married

The first Half of the Wedding Photos are Online and ready to enjoy! I have carefully selected these images as being the best at telling the story of Jarrett & Amy’s wedding. We’ve removed duplicates & have enhance (adjusted the Crop, Color and Contrast) of many of them. The ones you see online are highly […]

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Intro to Photography Class at Lone Star College

Many people have come to me asking about how to use their new DSLR.  Common questions are: Why do my pictures come out Light or dark? What can I do about blurry pictures? What do all the funny symbols on the camera mean? What kind of lens should I use? Introduction to Photography I’ve been […]

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Tinamarie & Gil’s Wedding Photography & Video

So My little sister is getting married this weekend! I’ll be posting their Engagements, Tinamarie’s Bridals and their Wedding Photos & Video here!  For now Install the app below & help create & share photos of the wedding! Get Info & Share Photos with Gil & Tina APP Need to get a map & directions […]

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Karen & Eric’s Manvel / Kemah Wedding

Perfect Day for Wedding Photos! How did Karen & Erick know November 10, was going to be a perfect day? It was gorgeous and comfortable. The perfect day for Wedding Photography! I’ve edited & enhanced their wedding images. Enjoy these wedding photos I’ve selected. What do you think about the Photo-Video? Please post below. Image […]

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Terrance Talks Trash

Pastor Terrance O’Neil had quite a good time ribbing Pastor Mike concerning a particular pastime. But being a man of action, Pastor Mike is not one to “just take it”.

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