Brittany & Bernardo’s Wedding

After over 2 decades of photographing weddings, this is the first one I’ve covered on a Tuesday!  But being educators Brittany & Bernardo decided that the Tuesday before Christmas was the best time for everyone involved.

Butler’s Courtyard is uniquely equipped for events like Weddings.  St. Mary’s (their chapel) is an actual historic church with a working old fashioned bell tower!  The brides preparation area is a beautiful and comfortable whole house with antiques all over the place.  The grooms prep area is styled in a way that any bachelor would love (even short timers).  And the meticulously decorated reception area, made from a restored historic bank, can handle small to medium sized wedding events.  To top it off, I found the staff very friendly professional and accommodating.

I hate to make this sound like a commercial for Butler’s Courtyard but Brittany & Bernardo chose an excellent place for their League City wedding.  Here’s a Photo-Video video of some of the photography my son and I created.  I’ve enhanced these images the way I would for the custom prints we create for our clients.

In this video you can see what Enhancing does for the images that come straight out of the camera.

Ready to see all the Rest of the Wedding Photography!

We have invested many hours selected and enhancing all the best Wedding images.  Our goal was to use every image that is unique and tells part of the story of the wedding.  In other words, any image that might be used in an album.  These selections can now be viewed In  Brittany & Bernardo’s Viewing and Ordering Site !

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