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How Much Experience Should A Wedding Photographer Have?

I was listening to Gavin Barry & Rob on, while they started answering the question about what qualifies a person to photograph a wedding. After listening to 1 and a half answers I really felt urged to answer the question myself.

Having covered my 1st wedding in 1981 and my first paid wedding several years afterward and having asked many post wedding folks (not just my clients) about their photography experience, I feel I am well qualified to answer this.

Take a listen and tell me what you think. (I didn’t realize the windscreen on the telephone microphone was missing so I apologize for the quality of the audio.)
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Chantilly Country Wedding

Lakeside Wedding Photo at Chantilly Country

Amanda & Larry’s
Chantilly Country
Wedding Photography

Amanda & Larry are celebrating their 2nd Wedding Anniversary today! They commissioned me to do their wedding photography at in 2009.  The ceremony took take place in Conroe, Texas at St. Mark Lutheran Church &  Chantilly Country!  Chantilly Country is a lakeside banquet facility operated by owners Dave & Pam Carter.

Wedding Video

Here’s their Wedding Video that I created from favorite Wedding Day Photos. If you like the style of the wedding photography, please leave a comment and click one or more of the social buttons below.

Woodlands United Methodist Church Camera Club

What happened to the colorful Image Showing Light & Shadow?

Light & Shadow

I had the privilege of being the Featured Speaker last night at the Woodlands United Methodist Church Church Camera Club.  Wow what a great turnout!  Jean Drummond made sure I wouldn’t be hungry while giving my lecture serving up a huge Hoagie sandwich.  Wayne Wagner of Wagner Direct was there and brought a fine Digital Projector for us to give our presentations.  Among others I also had the opportunity to meet another Carlos.  Carlos Hernandez who is one of the few people who I know who regularly used Kodachrome with an ASA (ISO) of 16 and slower!  I  myself used the Continue reading »

On Ask Kim Jordan

This past summer I was asked by Kim Jordan to appear on Her Wedding Show!  Here’s the Clip.

Well, it could use a better cover image, but other than that, what do you think?

The Ask Kim Jordan Show

They say I should be posting at least twice a week.  Hmmm.  It’s been toooo long since my last post.

Kim Jordan LogoBut I do have some exciting news.  I’m going to be on TV tonight!  See me on The Ask Kim Jordan show which airs Friday nights at midnight on Houston’s 55 KTBU “The Tube”.   (OK technically it’s Saturday morning but I know you’ll be up anyway so “Turn On the Tube”).  Kim has been involved in the wedding industry for years. One of the things that she does is interview wedding experts like myself to give advice to brides and coordinators about all types of wedding related topics.  h551

Tonight she is revealing some of the prizes that she will be giving away for the “Twogether In Texas Website“.   What’s that?!  Didn’t I tell you about this?  (I really need to start posting more often).  Check it out on their website.

Family Services Logo

Hello World! (My Bio)

Carlos Galvan

Carlos Galvan

My photography life started in 1958.  Okay that was before I was born.  I’ll explain.  My father served in the Army before he and my mother were married.  Being stationed in the Far East, he took the opportunity to purchase a Petri 35mm camera and flash.  (The kind with the flash bulbs that had to be replaced after a single exposure.)  The fateful day came some 20 years later in 1978 while I was a sophomore in high school.  He gave me that very camera to use and experiment.  I knew absolutely nothing about cameras or photography at the time. In order to learn about the funny sequence of numbers and letters on the various dials, I went to the library to check out a couple of books on photography.  The best book that I found was written by Continue reading »