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On Ask Kim Jordan

This past summer I was asked by Kim Jordan to appear on Her Wedding Show!  Here’s the Clip.

Well, it could use a better cover image, but other than that, what do you think?

Advice to the Budget Conscious Bride

Who hasn’t discussed the Ailing Economic Environment that has gripped the nation? It seems that everyone except the folks at the higher levels of Government are cutting costs everywhere they can. My question to you is, years down the road, will you have chosen wisely in the areas of cost cutting where your wedding is concerned?

Half Eaten Fancy Wedding Cake

Once the wedding is over, there is very little that remains. The dress may be stored away to be viewed on rare occasions and a few trinkets such as a leftover invitation as well, but what about all that money that was spent on the Rental of the Church, the Reception, the Tuxedos, etc. What about all the money that was spent on the food, the Band or Mariachis, the cakes, the liquor? All of it will be gone in less than a day. What you will have left will be the MEMORIES of those things. Continue reading »

The Ask Kim Jordan Show

They say I should be posting at least twice a week.  Hmmm.  It’s been toooo long since my last post.

Kim Jordan LogoBut I do have some exciting news.  I’m going to be on TV tonight!  See me on The Ask Kim Jordan show which airs Friday nights at midnight on Houston’s 55 KTBU “The Tube”.   (OK technically it’s Saturday morning but I know you’ll be up anyway so “Turn On the Tube”).  Kim has been involved in the wedding industry for years. One of the things that she does is interview wedding experts like myself to give advice to brides and coordinators about all types of wedding related topics.  h551

Tonight she is revealing some of the prizes that she will be giving away for the “Twogether In Texas Website“.   What’s that?!  Didn’t I tell you about this?  (I really need to start posting more often).  Check it out on their website.

Family Services Logo

Belle Rose Maison – Almost FREE Bridal Portrait Oppurtunity

Yesterday I visited a brand new wedding facility just north of The Woodlands.  (A Conroe address actually.)  It’s absolutely first class and has the biggest bride’s dressing area and kitchen I have ever seen!  Debra and her husband have invested an incredible amount into making this one of the most beautiful & comfortable venues in the area.  Her rates are comparable to other similar locations but include many of the amenities that others don’t!  Those of you who are looking for a wedding/reception location you need to check out this place.  Their website is .

The reason I was there is I was being interviewed for the Ask Kim Jordan Show and Kim knows I love places with Continue reading »