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I post portrait Sessions that I feel are or will be outstanding for one reason or other.

Bridal Portriat Session at Portofino

Bridal Photography

With my 10 year old son Gabriel in tow (as an assistant?), I met Elizabeth Coleman and her mom at Portofino to create Bridal Portraits.  Because the Bridal Photography session lasted for 2 hours, we scheduled it for late in the day so that we could get both daytime and dusk images done.  Hint for future Brides: Do eat & drink (water) prior to your Bridal session.  You want to feel good so that you look as good in your Bridal Photography  as Elizabeth does.

They came in to the office to view the portraits and loved them!  Elizabeth couldn’t decide on just one image for her wall portrait which will be on display at the wedding reception so we narrowed her absolute faves down to four (or was it five) images from which we will make a montage.  Mrs Coleman said some nice things about how my son worked the reflector.  It’s a good thing he wasn’t there to hear her or he’d be asking for a raise.

Ok, here’s a Photo-Video of the Bridal Photography images that I showed Elizabeth & her mom.

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About Editing, Enhancing & Retouching
The 75 or so images that you saw in the above Photo-Video were the result of much more photography work than it may at first seem. Of course there’s the preparation that goes with any photography session but I’m writing now about some of the post production effort.

After the session was over, I ended up with more than 160 images. I think back to a mentor who always culled the number of images down to 15 for presentation to the client. True we (the clients & I) end up spending A LOT more time viewing and deciding on faves but I just can’t bring myself to leave anything I like on the figurative editing floor. Also I think my style of shooting creates a lot more variety of images than his does.

So how do I edit? the first thing I do is remove any images that are obviously not usable. Usually it’s an experiment that’s gone awry or closed eyes or an undesirable expression. Then I group the images by same or very similar pose. I’ll choose the best expressions within that group and keep only different expressions using image sharpness as one of my final decision criteria.
To judge image sharpness I then view each of the similar images at what is known as 1:1. This means that each pixel of the image is displayed as 1 pixel on the monitor. This is something that can only be done on professional editing software and is crucial for deciding on any images that will be used to create wall portraits.

Once the editing is complete, I then focus on technical & creative adjustments that I can make to the groups of remaining images. I may adjust color temperature, exposure, vignetting, clarity & perhaps even some cropping. The ending result is a set of images that is ready for viewing and selecting by the client. Here’s a web page that I created showing the Enhanced & Un-enhanced version of several of the above Bridal Portraits.

Catherine & William’s Houston Oaks Wedding

Bridal and Wedding Photography

Catherine is from the Hutto area (North East of Austin).  I had the pleasure of creating some artistic Bridal Imagery of her in her wedding gown.  The session will be taking place a her friends gorgeous home in the Memorial Woodway area. She married a wonderful fellow who I didn’t get to meet until the day of the wedding. He’s a fun, handsome and easy going guy and they all had a great time at the wedding.

Panoramic Photo of the Glass Conservatory

The Glass Glass Conservatory

Where?  At the fabulous Houston Oaks Golf and Country Club.  With a name like that you’d think it was within the loop but it’s just North of Hockley Texas Northwest of the Houston area.  It’s a sprawling location; no way it could fit in Houston.

Wedding Images Online
All the weddng Images are now online and can be viewed on
the Image Viewing/Print Ordering Site.

Photography Video

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Raveneaux Country Club Wedding Photography!

Raveneaux CC Wedding Photography

Golden.  That is the color of the Gorgeous brides hair; the color of the chair covers; the cake.  Come to think of it, Sheila the Brides mom was looking Golden herself!Celeste & Glenn  Celeste & Glen looked great for their wedding!

The Wedding took place at Raveneaux Country Club which was newly renovated and an awesome place for wedding photography.  Those familiar with it know that it’s located in a very Posh area of Cypresswood Drive.  I’ll be posting some of the images of the wedding photography here but of you want to be able to view all of the images and get a $5 credit go ahead and create a login at the print ordering site.


Check out this Photo-Video of the wedding photography.

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