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Tinamarie & Gil’s Wedding Photography & Video

Image of Tinamarie & Dad going up the aisle

Here Comes The Bride (& Dad)

So My little sister is getting married this weekend! I’ll be posting their Engagements, Tinamarie’s Bridals and their Wedding Photos & Video here!  For now Install the app below & help create & share photos of the wedding!

Get Info & Share Photos with Gil & Tina APP

Need to get a map & directions to the church?  It’s on the App.  Need to know what time to be at the reception?  It’s on the app as well!  Even if you don’t need that stuff there are other Goodies.  The main one is we can all share each others photos taken with the App!  Take lots of photos and share them with Tinamarie & Gil.

The photos you take with the app will be uploaded automatically!

If you want to email photos to us instead, send them to

Check Out Their Photo-Video!


Viewing & Ordering Site Now Online!

Screenshot of Tina & Gils Image Viewing & Ordering SiteYou’ll be able to view & choose from all of Tinamarie & Gil’s Favorite images! Create your own set of Faves; Let a slideshow of all the images run; Order Prints or Digital Files.
Here’s the link to the ORDERING & VIEWING SITE

Karen & Eric’s Manvel / Kemah Wedding

Perfect Day for Wedding Photos!

How did Karen & Erick know November 10, was going to be a perfect day? It was gorgeous and comfortable. The perfect day for Wedding Photography!

I’ve edited & enhanced their wedding images. Enjoy these wedding photos I’ve selected.

What do you think about the Photo-Video? Please post below.

Image Viewing and Ordering

To see the rest of the enhanced images (place an order if you’d like)…

Diane & Miguels Occasions Hall Wedding

Occasions Hall Wedding Photography

Diane & Miguel had their wedding at a new reception hall in Humble, Texas. Occasions Banquet hall hosted the entire wedding. Preparation & Ceremony then Reception with Meal and Celebration. Here’s Diane & Miguel’s Favorites in the album pages.

To see the rest of the wedding images and order prints visit their Viewing & Ordering Site


To see the rest of the wedding images and order prints visit their Viewing & Ordering Site

The Courtyard on St James Pl Wedding Photography

Joe and Stacey’s Wedding

Stacey+Joe_Engagement Portrait

Engagement Portriat

The Courtyard on St James Place had been a favorite location for Weddings for as long as I’ve been photographing weddings (over 20 years). Just take a look at Joe & Stacey’s wedding images to see why!

See the rest of the photos!

All the wedding images are ready to view! Place orders for prints if you like. Take advantage of our 2 for 1 special for 2 weeks (through June 29)!
Click here to go Stacey & Joe’s Wedding Image Viewing & Ordering Page

Ashton Garden’s Wedding Photography

Pearlie & Trent’s Wedding

Pearlie & Trent Had the fortune of possibly one of the last gorgeous days before the heat & humidity of Houston sets in. The Wedding Ceremony was held in the Ashton Gardens Chapel and the reception was right next door.

Here’s a sneak peek at the upcoming images.

If you want to see the rest of them, please leave a comment below.

Demers Wedding Photography & Open House

Brides are you looking for a wedding reception venue? Thursday January 12 you have the opportunity to see Demers Banquet hall in action as they are hosting an open house Thursday from 5 to 8pm.

Wanna see how the wedding reception photography looks there? Check out my photo-video from a traditional African wedding. (The first images are of the wedding at Marriott hotel.)

Prim House Wedding Photography

The Outdoor Wedding Sunset Ceremony Photo is supposed to show up here.You’ve heard of the Arab Spring? Well last Saturday was Winter Wedding Spring for April & Robert! The weather couldn’t have been more perfect for a outdoor wedding photography, for being outside and generally just for enjoying. Vickie Tucker (the coordinator) and Ms Prim did a bang up job transforming the generously sized backyard with a view into a Brides fairytale wedding scene for Law School Graduates April Leeder & Robert Prim.

Check out this Photo-Video that I created from some of my favorite wedding images. (I think they’ll also enjoy the soundtrack!)

Want to view the rest of the images or order Prints or Albums? Visit Robert & April’s Wedding Image Site.

University of Houston Wedding

University of Houston Wedding

Christine Bena & Clay Sanford…

This is supposed to be an image of Christine & Clay's Thank You Card.…had an all the way University of Houston Wedding.  First their Ceremony was at the glass encased A.D. Bruce Religion Center also known as the U of H Chapel.  Then their reception was just a short walk away at the U of H Hilton.  The food was awesome but I don’t know how much of it Christine & Clay were able to enjoy.  They spent so much time mingling with the crowd of family & friends then participating in all the traditional (and not so traditional) wedding events.

I love photographing weddings at the University of Houston.  The Chapel is like no other. and it always provides gorgeous wedding photography opportunities.  While the couple were too busy with their reception to really take advantage the University of Houston landscaping, the wedding reception photography was filled with more than the usual amount of fun moments!

Check out this Photo-Video of some of my favorite moments.

Wedding Photography Viewing & Ordering Site

Want to see the rest of the images? Please visit Christine & Clay’s Wedding Photo Viewing & Ordering site. Once all the images have been uploaded & released you’ll receive an email message letting you know that you can enjoy them.

North Houston Wedding Photography

Jeffrey & Elizabeth get Married…

… at Lakewood United Methodist Church. Elizabeth has contracted me to capture her Wedding Photography in North Houston .  The reception took place at the exclusive Raveneaux Country Club just a few miles away!  I finally had the privilege of meeting the Grooms side of the Family. West Point graduate Lieutenant Jeffery Caslen was the young man about to enter into Wedded bliss. It was an extra honor to be covering the wedding of Lieutenant General Robert Caslen (a 3 star General)!

Enjoy some of their Wedding Photojournalism here on this Photo-Video. 

Also enjoy Elizabeths Bridal Portriats!

Order Prints etc

If you’d like to see the rest of the wedding photos please visit their Photographic Print & Product Order site. I edited all the wedding images and then custom enhanced the 500 or so that remained. Click the link above to view them and if you’d like order prints which will reflect the custom enhancements!

Chantilly Country Wedding

Lakeside Wedding Photo at Chantilly Country

Amanda & Larry’s
Chantilly Country
Wedding Photography

Amanda & Larry are celebrating their 2nd Wedding Anniversary today! They commissioned me to do their wedding photography at in 2009.  The ceremony took take place in Conroe, Texas at St. Mark Lutheran Church &  Chantilly Country!  Chantilly Country is a lakeside banquet facility operated by owners Dave & Pam Carter.

Wedding Video

Here’s their Wedding Video that I created from favorite Wedding Day Photos. If you like the style of the wedding photography, please leave a comment and click one or more of the social buttons below.