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Ashley & Kevin’s Spring Chateau Wedding Photography

Ashley & Kevin are a really sweet couple. In fact everyone involve in the wedding was on the sweet side. The family, the wedding party, even the staff! The whole event took place at Spring Chateau in Spring, Texas. I’ve covered several events there and from what I have seen, they are first rate.

The only image not from there is the Thank You Card We created for them several weeks before the wedding.

Check out the Photo-Video below!

Maria & Jacob’s Galveston Wedding Photography

Wedding Thank You CardsMaria & Jacob are a really sweet couple and I look forward to covering their wedding this weekend in Galveston!

If you’d like to pre-register to view their photos online (and get a $5 credit), please visit their Wedding Photo Viewing & Ordering Site

Kristian & Ricky’s Chateau Polonez Wedding

Chateau Polonex is a gorgeous Venue for a wedding and Creating Wedding Photography & Video!  I don’t know how Kristian found it but I’m glad she did.  The folks there are awesome as well.

Here’s a Photo-Video (a wedding video made from my wedding photography) for you to enjoy. The rest of the images are in the finishing stages of editing & enhancing and will be available for viewing/purchasing on my partner site.

Don’t get Hacked Using Public WiFi

Public Wifi Hacking

Seems like many of my friends & associates are getting their email hacked every week. This evidenced by the number of messages I’m getting CC’d to me & several other legitimate recipients but which contain messages that are obviously spam & which lead to sales sites or possibly outright dangerous sites. (Sites where you can contract a trojan or other malware).

I wanted to warn everyone about the issue and tell you how to fix this (if you’ve been hacked) & prevent it from happening again in the future. I was considering creating an article or a video where I explain all this but I have enough to get done today so I figured I’d let someone else do it for me.

I did a search and found this video that covers the issue thoroughly, concisely, professionally and is entertaining to boot! Here it is !!

Oh yeah, If one of your email accounts did get hijacked, usually changing the password to the hacked account will “fix” the issue. If you are one of those who received a spam message and went to the site, well you may (or may not) have contracted malware from the site. Some PC guru’s will tell you they can disinfect your PC but once you know your infected, you might as well reinstall the Operating System and all the programs (very painful) because there’s no telling what else is hiding on your system. (The hackers go to great lengths not to be discovered).

Check out my article on Online Malware Scanners to see when and why you should use them. I just updated the article to include only the active scanners that help remove the malware.

Grace Family Church – Paul’s Journey – Baptisms

What an action packed day at Grace this past Sunday. Here’s my version of the goings on.

I’ll be posting a link where GFC members can download photos sometime later this week.

Woodlands Christian Business Network Executive Portraits

Yvette Scheiber

You never know what your going to miss out on if you don’t go to one of the Woodlands Christian Business Network Luncheons.  This past month Yvette Scheiber was serving up challenging insights for small business to compliment the great food Landry’s always delivers.

View/Order Prints

Executive Portriat of Our Fearless LeaderSo I gave a few folks a scare when I actually made good on my threat to create their Executive Portraits.  The web resolution images can be downloaded from Here.

If you like the image so much that you just have to have prints made, please visit the Print Ordering Site.  (You’ll be helping to feed a hungry family.)

Tomball Wedding Photography

Kim & Ray's Engagement PhotoI had the privilege of  creating Kim Tran & Ray Gonzales’ Wedding Photography yesterday!  The ceremony was held at their beautiful & spacious new home just North of Tomball, TX.  The event was peppered with Vietnamese customs and tons of great smiles.

If you’d like to receive an automated email when the Wedding Photography is viewable, please go to Kim & Ray’s Tomball Wedding Photography Order Site and pre-register. You’ll be messaged once the Wedding Photography and Photo-Video is posted. You’ll also receive a little credit for ordering prints.

Shaana & Kelvin – The Villa Wedding Photography

The Villa Wedding Photography

Shaana & Kelvin's Engagement Portrait

Kelvin & Shaana

I’m looking forward to photographing Shaana & Kelvin’s wedding at The Villa Ballrooms in Southwest Houston on the 4th of next month (June, less than 2 weeks away!).

Here’s the Engagement Portrait I created for them when they visited my office here in Spring.

Going to the Wedding?  Here’s a Custom Google Map to The Villa Ballrooms?

If you’d like to be able to view all the images that I capture for this Wedding & have the opportunity to order prints etc, please visit their Image Viewing / Product Ordering Website and create a login.  If you create a login before the wedding photos are uploaded, you’ll receive a $5  credit you will be notified when the Wedding Photography is available!

Free Photography Class at GFC

Photography Class

One of my Bible Study class leaders is also involved with other ongoing ministries. Her ladies group “Creative Chats” has ongoing monthly workshops where they learn about a hobby. Next month (May) on the 12th they will be studying Photography! Depending on the interest, This might be a great time to launch other photography classes that I will offer.Family Photographer

It will take place at Grace Family Church at 6:30pm and is scheduled for 90 minutes.  GFC is located in the SE end of Spring, TX at 23007 Cypresswood Drive, Spring, TX 77373

All adult ladies (members & non-members) are welcome to join us for this event which promises to be FUN as well as being FREE! Please email Carolyn to RSVP so that we will know how many people to prepare for.

Photography Topic

Carlos Galvan

After considering how I plan to conduct the study & realizing there are so many specific photography topics, I have decided to first make an introduction to what photography is and then address specific questions.

Here’s what the topics will look like:

  • Light Intensity
  • Shutter speed
  • Aperature
  • ISO


  • Subject Too Small/Composition
  • Ugly Flash Shadows
  • Subject comes out Too Light with a dark bkgd
  • Subject comes out Too Dark with a Light bkgd
  • Subject is Blurry/Fuzzy
  • How important are megapixels?


  • What do all those symbols mean?
  • Day/night
  • When to use Flash

I’ll have images that demonstrate most of the issues that I will be speaking on.

If you are attending, please add your photography related question below. If you want to refer to an image you have seen online go ahead and include the link to the image or the webpage.

I look forward to seeing you & your camera there!

Jesus in “The Poseidon Adventure”?

I know that my blog is supposed to stay on track with the business theme (It’s the marketing gospel.  Pun intended), but I can’t help myself.  I just got back from a Dinner & a Movie night at my church, we had a great meal & watched a really good production called Flywheel. I was thinking about different movies & for some reason started thinking about The Poseidon Adventure. I felt compelled to write this and wanted to share it with everyone (maybe because it took so much of my feeble brain power).  Besides it’s nearly Sunday and this is my blog.

The Poseidon Adventure

The Poseidon Adventure Poster

Do you see Jesus here?

I just got home (well a few hours ago anyway) from my Bible study’s Dinner and a Movie night and I was thinking about different movies.  Have you watched the old 1972 misadventure movie “The Poseidon Adventure”?  I was just thinking that this movie tells the same story as The Bible.  (Hey “there’s nothing new under the sun”) What do I mean by that?  Isn’t this the disaster movie about a group of passengers who struggle to survive and escape, when their ocean liner capsizes at sea?

Some of you who know both stories are probably already figuring out where I’m coming from.  Well you see in this movie there are two groups of people still alive after the ship is struck by the disaster. Continue reading »