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Why does a photographer have an I.T. category. Well the fact is, in the digital age to provide exceptional service and to use your digital imagery, you pretty much have to be a computer geek as well.

Don’t get Hacked Using Public WiFi

Public Wifi Hacking

Seems like many of my friends & associates are getting their email hacked every week. This evidenced by the number of messages I’m getting CC’d to me & several other legitimate recipients but which contain messages that are obviously spam & which lead to sales sites or possibly outright dangerous sites. (Sites where you can contract a trojan or other malware).

I wanted to warn everyone about the issue and tell you how to fix this (if you’ve been hacked) & prevent it from happening again in the future. I was considering creating an article or a video where I explain all this but I have enough to get done today so I figured I’d let someone else do it for me.

I did a search and found this video that covers the issue thoroughly, concisely, professionally and is entertaining to boot! Here it is !!

Oh yeah, If one of your email accounts did get hijacked, usually changing the password to the hacked account will “fix” the issue. If you are one of those who received a spam message and went to the site, well you may (or may not) have contracted malware from the site. Some PC guru’s will tell you they can disinfect your PC but once you know your infected, you might as well reinstall the Operating System and all the programs (very painful) because there’s no telling what else is hiding on your system. (The hackers go to great lengths not to be discovered).

Check out my article on Online Malware Scanners to see when and why you should use them. I just updated the article to include only the active scanners that help remove the malware.

Best Backup Plans, Programs and Services

Anyone working with important personal or client data should have a failsafe backup plan in place.  It should enable quick recovery of both the PC’s Operating System and the Data files as well.  We usually learn the hard way of it’s importance and end up spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars in data recovery services if the data is recoverable at all. Continue reading »

Best Free Antivirus Programs of 2010

While helping several clients with their PC issues I decided it was time to update myself as to the best free anti-virus products available.  (Free is always a good seller!) Continue reading »

Trusted Online Scanning Tools

I regularly receive email messages from well meaning individuals concerning an alert about some New Killer Virus that is going around and will do everything including causing your PC to Blow Up. Well actually the most exciting claim was that it will burn a hole in your Hard Drive. Almost without exception, No Software can cause Hardware Damage. Continue reading »

Website Creation Rates

Why I (a Photographer) Create Webpages

By definition as a Creative Control Freak, I can’t stop myself from trying to maintain the quality of everything that my clients and their friends and associates see. I just can’t stop myself from adjusting almost every image to my creative standards. Sometimes it causes me to get behind in my work but that’s also one of the main reasons that my clients choose me. Uncompromising Creativity and quality! Continue reading »

Least expensive way to Fax via Internet

After spending hours upon hours of research, investigation & experimentation, I am fairly convinced I have found the least expensive method for those who want to send faxes via the internet.

I remember reading one day about a PC user who researched Windows shortcuts and tips.  His motto was “I’ll spend hours figuring out how to save a few seconds of time.”  That’s the way I feel but if I can help out some other people, then the time I spent doing the research will be divided amongst our little collective, so to speak.

There are many services that charge $10 a month (on the low side.) Fax1 is the only service that charges by the page.  12 cents per page to be specific.  For me that works because it is the cheapest fax service for low volume faxes.