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Intro to Photography Class at Lone Star College

How Do I Use A Digital Camera?Many people have come to me asking about how to use their new DSLR.  Common questions are:

  • Why do my pictures come out Light or dark?
  • What can I do about blurry pictures?
  • What do all the funny symbols on the camera mean?
  • What kind of lens should I use?

Introduction to Photography

I’ve been wanting to give another class on Photography but just haven’t been able to set aside the time.  As it turns out,  Lone Star College Kingwood has asked me to teach their Introductory Photography Class coming up later this month.  I’m excited to again share information about one of my favorite subjects!  I’ll be showing a lot of images and graphics that will help explain some of the sometimes confusing photographic principles.

No this class won’t be just showing a bunch of pictures and pointing out artistic flaws, (but we will discuss composition).  You’ll get the beginnings of a College Level course taught by someone who really knows the craft as well as the technical aspects of this field.

The class course specifies that well will cover:

  1. Exposure
  2. Camera Controls
  3. Flash
  4. Light & Color
  5. Resolution
  6. Sharpness
  7. White Balance

To get the  most out of the class you should have a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) but any camera with manual settings will do as well.

As a special Bonus to all my friends & acquaintances, I’m going to give a follow up class where you will be showing to the class, images from the “Homework” that I have given.  The follow up class will be on Saturday the 30th.

How to Enroll in the Photo Class

Learn digital photography flyer

I realize that most of you aren’t already Lone Star College students so The easiest way to get the ball rolling is to Contact Pat Chandler at Lone Star College.  She’ll get you pointed in the right direction (a link to enroll or perhaps signing up the old fashioned way – telephone).

Her email address is and her phone number at the college is 281.312.1749

P.S.  Those of you who have expressed interest in working with me as a photographer need to have taken a course that covers the information that I’m going to be introducing here. This will be a great start for you!


How Much Experience Should A Wedding Photographer Have?

I was listening to Gavin Barry & Rob on, while they started answering the question about what qualifies a person to photograph a wedding. After listening to 1 and a half answers I really felt urged to answer the question myself.

Having covered my 1st wedding in 1981 and my first paid wedding several years afterward and having asked many post wedding folks (not just my clients) about their photography experience, I feel I am well qualified to answer this.

Take a listen and tell me what you think. (I didn’t realize the windscreen on the telephone microphone was missing so I apologize for the quality of the audio.)
[haiku url=”″ title=”How Much Experience Should A Wedding Photographer Have?”]

Solve a Brides Besetment with Guest Thank You Cards !!

Brides, let’s look a few months in to the future.  You’ve enjoyed your wedding day, and you and your guests are in great anticipation to seeing all the Wonderful Wedding Photography that was captured.

Problem is that everyone is calling, texting, emailing and otherwise messaging you asking the same question.  When can I see them.  It’ll get frustrating after a while.

Image of Wedding Thank You CardHere’s the solution!  Have personalized cards created that already have the image viewing information printed on them and give them away at the reception!  The cards should have the website where they can be viewed as well as a phone number to call if they have any problems viewing them (Otherwise any web challenged viewers will be calling YOU).

This sly solution will double as a wonderful memento of your wedding day.  Your Family & Friends would want this creative card even if it didn’t have the information!

Studio Galvan understands how valuable this little used solution is to their wedding photography clients and gives it away as a part of their service!

Check out this Photo-Video some recent Wedding Thank You Cards we have created.

FREE Photography Class

Family Photographer


Well the first one’s free.

Here’s the deal.  I’ve really been enjoying giving photography lectures to different photography and camera clubs but I want to be able to provide college level information and understanding. Unfortunately a lecture here and there just won’t do it. I’m going to start weekly photography classes.  The class will meet every Tuesday at 6:30pm to 8pm at Cypress Creek Diner until the course is complete.

Learn How to take better pictures!

  • Why photos come out too Light or too Dark
  • Different solutions for the exposure issue
  • Taming Tricky Lighting situations
  • Why shooting telephoto is like shooting a pistol
  • When to use flash
  • When not to use Flash
  • Much More


Writing with Light

What happened to the colorful Image Showing Light & Shadow?

  • What isPhotography
  • What’s Digital difference
  • Qualities of Light
  • What is Exposure & Exposure issues
  • Aperature, ISO, Shutter Speed
  • Depth of Field

There will be weekly assignments (sort of).  How long will the course take?  I DON’T KNOW!  But I anticipate 6-10 weeks.  I gave a lecture for my church group and was given an hour and a half.  I created an outline but got through only half of it.  So you’ll get to keep coming every week until the all the topics are completed.

The InvestmentPhotography Student

I paid thousand of dollars for my Photography education at Sam Houston State University.  The best school at that time in the State for a Photography Education.  You can pay thousands of dollars at The Houston Art Institute (I checked it out) and not get the benefit of a Seasoned Professional.  You don’t have to pay that much.  I’ll teach you all the pertinent Photography stuff you need to know.  Plus you’ll get free advice every week during the Q & A time.

The class starts out at a basic level and quickly goes intermediate with some advanced stuff sprinkled in.  How Much?  Intro Rate is Just $45. Once my first class give me some input that rate will likely go up.  Remember the class you visit is Free!  If your not sure if the class is for you just visit us as a guest once & see.  (What have you got to lose?)

8-2 Class

This week I’ll demonstrate what difference you can expect to see when shooting raw vs. shooting straight to jpg. Perhaps I’ll have some print samples of the two methods as well.
SPECIAL EVENT: We’ll also discuss a “Trash The Dress” location photo shoot that I & model Megan Wannarka are coordinating for next Monday morning!



We will be meeting at Cypress Creek Diner for the until the close of this course. Need a Map to the location? Go to:

Gift a Studio Family Portriat Session!

New Family Studio Portrait

New Family Studio Portrait

Hello Everyone I’ve just completed the conversion of my rarely used Dining plus Living Space into a Studio large enough to photograph Families!  To celebrate this addition to my repertoire, I am giving away mini-sessions to my recent clients.

Haven’t heard from me?  Don’t be sad.  I’m still working through my  Contacts.  Also I may not have the best email address for your or something.  Call (281.401.9331) or message me and I’ll fix you up!

FREE Wedding Giveaway Winners

Family Services of Greater Houston (Twogether In Houston) and “The Ask Kim Jordan Show” put twogether (pun intended) a Free Wedding Giveaway for a couple completing a wedding workshop by the 3rd of October 2009.  This Wedding Giveaway included an Engegement Portriat Session, a Bridal Portrait Session and Wedding Coverage by “Yours Truly” !

Bridal Portrait Photography

Wedding Day Photography
The Wedding was at Cypress Lakes Golf Club. It was my first visit there and I hope to return.

St Simon & Jude – Shirley Acres Wedding

With This RingThe talented cartoonist Adriana Vargas & Alex Blake’s Wedding was everything a Bride could ask for!  Beautiful Church, Beautiful weather, a handsome groom, enthusiastic family & friends, wonderful co-ordinator Kayla McDaniel,  one of the best DJ’s I’ve worked with DJ Tera & MC Wayne (actually the best DJ & MC team I know) and an awesome photographer (of course)!

Check out their Vid!

The ceremony took place on The Woodlands at St Simon & Jude.  Sunlight coming through the back upper window gave me several opportunities to create awesome images.  This type of light only last for a few minutes but if a photographer is alert, aware and has the expertise the photographer can create something spectacular. Continue reading »

The Grand Hall Open House

The Grand Hall
A week and a half ago I had the privilege of helping celebrate the opening of a new Event Venue in Northwest Houston!  The Grand Hall held it’s Grand Opening on the 27th of September.  As I had the opportunity I visited with some old and new friends in the Wedding Business.

Check out the Video and then if your a Bride looking for a moderately priced Venue, Contact Tiffany Stepanski, Events Manager for more details ( or 832-266-4154.


The Grand Hall is hosting their 2nd Open House and You’re invited!

To register go to the Grand Hall Blog.

On Ask Kim Jordan

This past summer I was asked by Kim Jordan to appear on Her Wedding Show!  Here’s the Clip.

Well, it could use a better cover image, but other than that, what do you think?

Advice to the Budget Conscious Bride

Who hasn’t discussed the Ailing Economic Environment that has gripped the nation? It seems that everyone except the folks at the higher levels of Government are cutting costs everywhere they can. My question to you is, years down the road, will you have chosen wisely in the areas of cost cutting where your wedding is concerned?

Half Eaten Fancy Wedding Cake

Once the wedding is over, there is very little that remains. The dress may be stored away to be viewed on rare occasions and a few trinkets such as a leftover invitation as well, but what about all that money that was spent on the Rental of the Church, the Reception, the Tuxedos, etc. What about all the money that was spent on the food, the Band or Mariachis, the cakes, the liquor? All of it will be gone in less than a day. What you will have left will be the MEMORIES of those things. Continue reading »