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Belle Rose Maison – Almost FREE Bridal Portrait Oppurtunity

Yesterday I visited a brand new wedding facility just north of The Woodlands.  (A Conroe address actually.)  It’s absolutely first class and has the biggest bride’s dressing area and kitchen I have ever seen!  Debra and her husband have invested an incredible amount into making this one of the most beautiful & comfortable venues in the area.  Her rates are comparable to other similar locations but include many of the amenities that others don’t!  Those of you who are looking for a wedding/reception location you need to check out this place.  Their website is .

The reason I was there is I was being interviewed for the Ask Kim Jordan Show and Kim knows I love places with Continue reading »

Image Catalogs – The New Proof Book

 imgcat-softcoversOnline Wedding Image Viewing is a wonderful service and all of our clients Love it.  We saw the benefits to brides, their family and guests.  So of course we started offering it immediately.  That was back around 1998, using a film to digital hybrid technique.  Yes, even before the digital revolution was underway.

But even so, the convenience of flipping through real pages of images at any location whether or not you have an internet connection (or even any electricity) is no comparison.  For years now we have been including an Image Catalog with any of our wedding coverage services.  Presently it’s taking the form of an 8 1/2 by 11 inch graphics arts printed softcover book with six images per page.  The images have the same numbering and categorizing as appears on the website.Images are placed 2x3 on each page

Crosby Country Wedding

This Crosby, Texas Wedding was Decidedly Texan. Featuring Good Lookin Cowboys, Smokin Cowgirls, and Cowboy Boots galore. The church coordinator, Karen was so pleased with the handsome couple and the work we were doing, that she had us move some of the church furniture out of the way to create some additional Portraits! Good Old Fashioned Fried Chicken at the Reception and an assortment of Southern Song! Check out the fabulous fun and the gorgeous gals!

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