Laurel & Andrew’s Majestic Metro Wedding

Majestic Metro Engagement Photo_50pMajestic Metro Wedding

This is my first experience photographing a wedding at the historic Majestic Metro Theatre.  A lot of couples are looking for something different. Well this couple is unique and used this historic and beautiful venue to celebrate their wedding!

In a week or two we’ll have the wedding photography available here for you to enjoy and if you’d like, to purchase.  If you’d like to be notified as to when the wedding images are posted, leave a comment below.

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Charlotte & Adam’s Ella’s Garden Wedding Photography

Charlotte & Adam's Engagement Portrait

Friday’s Engagement Portrait

Tomball Ladies

So this Ella must have been quite a lady. I remember that Tomball Hospital (Ella’s Garden is in Tomball Texas), has a tree named Ella’s Tree as well. Today Charlotte Lawrence is a lady of the day! She will become Charlotte Cantu. Hmmm, perhaps I’m being presumptuous but that’s probably the case.

Anyway, this is the website where you can view all the info about their wedding photography!

View the Images

Go visit their Wedding Photo Viewing Site to sign up to view the images once they are ready.

Did You Like the Photography Service?

If so Leave a comment below. (Your likely to get a little Thank You Gift).

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Baby Shower

Thanks: Regina, Kim, Pam, Michelle & Janice for all your Love & Effort !

Wanna Download Images? (Free)

Visit the Image Ordering Page

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Kristen & Kadel’s Spring Chateau Wedding Photography

Engagement Portrait Captured at Mercer ArboretumKristen & Kadel will be got married on April 27th at the Spring Chateau.  Enjoy their Wedding Album Pages!

Viewing & Ordering page.

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Amanda & Josh’s Le Jardin Wedding Photography

Engagement PortraitIt’s coming up in April and they’ve selected the beautiful Le Jardin for the reception.  We have Amanda & Josh’s Engagement Portraits ready for you to view at their Viewing & Ordering website.

If you still need to get a gift for them and are wondering what to get, why not help them with their Wedding Photography package?  You know they want it.  Click on “Gift Certificates on the Viewing & Ordering site.

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Amy & Jarrett Get Married

The first Half of the Wedding Photos are Online and ready to enjoy! I have carefully selected these images as being the best at telling the story of Jarrett & Amy’s wedding. We’ve removed duplicates & have enhance (adjusted the Crop, Color and Contrast) of many of them. The ones you see online are highly compressed and of low resolution.

View & Order Amy & Jarrett’s Wedding Images <- click

Any images you order will be created from the highest resolution available, enhanced, sprayed with a lacquered and textured. No one else does this to their non Custom Prints. I do this because I want to produce images that you will love!

Want to view the rest of the Images? Leave a comment below and we’ll alert you as soon as the Reception photos are online!

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Intro to Photography Class at Lone Star College

How Do I Use A Digital Camera?Many people have come to me asking about how to use their new DSLR.  Common questions are:

  • Why do my pictures come out Light or dark?
  • What can I do about blurry pictures?
  • What do all the funny symbols on the camera mean?
  • What kind of lens should I use?

Introduction to Photography

I’ve been wanting to give another class on Photography but just haven’t been able to set aside the time.  As it turns out,  Lone Star College Kingwood has asked me to teach their Introductory Photography Class coming up later this month.  I’m excited to again share information about one of my favorite subjects!  I’ll be showing a lot of images and graphics that will help explain some of the sometimes confusing photographic principles.

No this class won’t be just showing a bunch of pictures and pointing out artistic flaws, (but we will discuss composition).  You’ll get the beginnings of a College Level course taught by someone who really knows the craft as well as the technical aspects of this field.

The class course specifies that well will cover:

  1. Exposure
  2. Camera Controls
  3. Flash
  4. Light & Color
  5. Resolution
  6. Sharpness
  7. White Balance

To get the  most out of the class you should have a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) but any camera with manual settings will do as well.

As a special Bonus to all my friends & acquaintances, I’m going to give a follow up class where you will be showing to the class, images from the “Homework” that I have given.  The follow up class will be on Saturday the 30th.

How to Enroll in the Photo Class

Learn digital photography flyer

I realize that most of you aren’t already Lone Star College students so The easiest way to get the ball rolling is to Contact Pat Chandler at Lone Star College.  She’ll get you pointed in the right direction (a link to enroll or perhaps signing up the old fashioned way – telephone).

Her email address is and her phone number at the college is 281.312.1749

P.S.  Those of you who have expressed interest in working with me as a photographer need to have taken a course that covers the information that I’m going to be introducing here. This will be a great start for you!


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Tinamarie & Gil’s Wedding Photography & Video

Image of Tinamarie & Dad going up the aisle

Here Comes The Bride (& Dad)

So My little sister is getting married this weekend! I’ll be posting their Engagements, Tinamarie’s Bridals and their Wedding Photos & Video here!  For now Install the app below & help create & share photos of the wedding!

Get Info & Share Photos with Gil & Tina APP

Need to get a map & directions to the church?  It’s on the App.  Need to know what time to be at the reception?  It’s on the app as well!  Even if you don’t need that stuff there are other Goodies.  The main one is we can all share each others photos taken with the App!  Take lots of photos and share them with Tinamarie & Gil.

The photos you take with the app will be uploaded automatically!

If you want to email photos to us instead, send them to

Check Out Their Photo-Video!


Viewing & Ordering Site Now Online!

Screenshot of Tina & Gils Image Viewing & Ordering SiteYou’ll be able to view & choose from all of Tinamarie & Gil’s Favorite images! Create your own set of Faves; Let a slideshow of all the images run; Order Prints or Digital Files.
Here’s the link to the ORDERING & VIEWING SITE

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Karen & Eric’s Manvel / Kemah Wedding

Perfect Day for Wedding Photos!

How did Karen & Erick know November 10, was going to be a perfect day? It was gorgeous and comfortable. The perfect day for Wedding Photography!

I’ve edited & enhanced their wedding images. Enjoy these wedding photos I’ve selected.

What do you think about the Photo-Video? Please post below.

Image Viewing and Ordering

To see the rest of the enhanced images (place an order if you’d like)…

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Terrance Talks Trash

Pastor Terrance O’Neil had quite a good time ribbing Pastor Mike concerning a particular pastime. But being a man of action, Pastor Mike is not one to “just take it”.

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